10 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

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Hi loves,

Happy Thursday!! Today I wanted to chat with you guys about 10 fashion mistakes that women make! Enjoy!





10 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

  1. Wearing heels that are too big!

This is my pet peeve when I see women wearing heels that are a size too big, and there’s a noticeable gap between their heel and the heel of the shoe!

(tip: size down in heels because your foot is elevated and you don’t want any room!)

2. Not wearing any jewelry  

I am guilty of this! Until last year, I would never wear jewelry! I just started to finally get into it, it’s like the icing on the cake! Think of it this way, would you take time to do a full face of makeup and skip lipstick!?

3. Pet hair

Shout out to all my pet lovers (I have a golden retriever who I adore)! If you have a pet, you know that you always want to cuddle with them and if your pet is anything like my puppy… her hair gets EVERYWHERE! Don’t walk out of the house without rolling your clothes it makes your look look unfinished.

4. Saggy jeans

The diaper butt, it’s not a cute look!! Remember when you’re trying on jeans, the jeans will be the tightest they will ever be in the dressing room! I recommend buying your jeans a bit tighter than you want them because, after 2-3 wears they will stretch out to the fit you want.

5. Always buying the same size clothing

I can’t stand when women say I’m a size 6 or 4 or 12! The biggest mistake so many women make is buying the same size in everything! Remember every brand is different and runs different! Don’t buy based on the size, buy based on what size flatters you the most!!

6. Wrinkled button down shirts

It just so happens that white button down shirts wrinkle so easily!! Make sure you iron/steam your shirt before you leave the house!

Tip: invest in a greater quality fabric this will keep your button down from wrinkling easier!

7. Dirty shoes!!

Ok I totally understand that everyone’s shoes get dirty and can get muddy but, make sure to clean them! You would never walk around in a muddy shirt or muddy pants but, somehow this became an exception for shoes!?

8. Never switching your handbag for the occasion

You don’t have to have a million handbags or even be interested in handbags however, I think every woman should have at least two, one large everyday bag and one small dressier bag. I always notice women at weddings who look stunning head to toe, her dress is on point, her makeup is flawless, and then she’s carrying a large tote bag!? It doesn’t make sense and ruins the whole look!

9. Wearing pants that are way too long

To all my short girls… get your pats tailored if they are too long! Wearing pants/jeans that are too long and bunch up at the ankle firstly, cut off your figure, and secondly, make you look like you don’t know how to dress yourself.

10. Confusing oversized with clothes that don’t fit you

I am a sucker for oversized clothing but, you have to be careful because there is a different between oversized and clothes that don’t fit you. To make the oversized look work, I typically wear a tight outfit with the oversized piece therefore, I don’t lose my shape. Another way to not lose your shape and make an oversized look work is to add a belt to accentuate your waist!


Outfit Details


Denim Shorts

Platform Sneakers



“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life; take a look in the mirror”


Have a wonderful weekend my loves!♥




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