Spring Florals

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Hi loves,

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe today is already the last day of February! Time is flying by this year! Anyways… I am so done with winter and the frigid temperatures, and ready for spring! Therefore, today I wanted to share a look with guys that incorporates some floral print but, is still appropriate for this transition between winter and spring. I don’t know about you guys but, I always find myself wearing a ton of black all the time! It’s honestly probably my favorite color and lets be honest most of the clothing I own is probably black. Black is a color that you can rock all year round and to bring  some spring and color into my all black look, I played with these black jeans that have details of embroidered flowers. I think the detailing is just enough to where it gives this casual look something but, it’s not over the top and doesn’t look tacky. Also, I played up this basic look with some fun accessories including these pointed toe, leather ankle boots that I adore. If a shoe could describe me it would be this one (Lol.). I also paired my favorite western belt and this amazing bag to finish the look. You guys, this bag is like my latest obsession. I love my designer bags but, this one just might steal the show this season. I love the seatbelt strap detailing, I also just love the structure of the bag and the simple gold clasp. You guys this bag was only $24! You need this in your life. Ok I’m done rambling, enjoy!




Spring FWD





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Get The Look

jeans: click here

boots: click here

bag: click here

belt: click here

sunnies: click here

sunnies dupe: click here

Have a great week loves♥

“Don’t go through life, grow through life”

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