Winter Necessities


Hi loves,

Happy Moday!! I hope you are all having a very productive and stress-free week! Today I’m sharing my 3 winter necessities with you guys! I have been on the hunt for years (literally) for cute/warm winter apparel that is good quality, and I have finally found 3 pieces that I am beyond happy with, and excited to share! Enjoy!




Winter Necessities!


  1. Snow boots!!

If you are looking for a cute and functional pair of snow boots, look no further! These booties from Sorel are my FAV! Firstly, I love that these boots actually are both practical and adorable, for me personally I have a really hard time finding a snow boot that serves both purposes! These boots are waterproof therefore, they will keep your feet dry/warm from the snow which is great! Also, I love the design of these boots, yes there is a small wedge but don’t be scared! The wedge in these boots is actually much smaller than it appears however, the design of these boots gives the illusion that the wedge in much bigger and therefore, makes you appear much taller! I walk around in these boots all day trudging trough the snow, and I have no issues walking in them. I promise I wouldn’t walk through the snow all day with these if I felt like I was walking in a heel! These also come in a ton of different colors, I opted for the beige/brown therefore, I wouldn’t be limited and could easily pair them with a ton of different jackets/outfits!


2. Long winter jacket!

Ok for me a winter jacket that comes down to my knees is a NECESSITY. I don’t know about everyone else but, my legs get so cold! If I could wear a jacket that went down to my ankles I would (LOL)! I have been on the search for a new winter jacket and I found this one from Lole and I’m obsessed! The best part about this jacket is the fur on the hood is detachable so you have options but, I personally love the fur detailing so I probably won’t detach it! My biggest advice when buying a winter jacket is DO NOT buy it big, you will regret this decision trust me, I’ve made this mistake one too many times. Take into consideration what you wear on a daily basis but, when buying the jacket don’t get caught up in the moment thinking, well what if I want to really layer up or what if I want to wear this underneath. That is a mistake! I bought my last winter jacket a size up therefore, I had some room if I wanted to layer and it did not keep me warm. Even if I layered up to the point where I filled the jacket the air would come through the bottom of the jacket and defeated the whole purpose! Therefore, if you go to purchase a winter jacket just wear what you would on a daily basis, there is no need for extreme layering, if you buy the jacket snug it will do it’s job and keep you warm! Also, if you feel like it’s a tad snug when you buy it, that’s ok because from my experience these jackets stretch!


3. A warm winter hat!

Ok so I have been on the HUNT for a beanie that is warm! I have been struggling to find one that’s not super thin but is also cute! The beanie I’m wearing is a bit on the pricier side however, I promise this hat will actually keep your head warm and the quality is on point so, you will be able to reuse this one for years! This beanie is from Canada Goose, and I think this charcoal grey color is so beautiful, and I also love the pom on the back, this style is very on trend right now! My grandma laughs at me when I wear this hat because she tells me she use to dress me in hats like this when I was little (haha thank you grandma!).


Seen on Me

Boots: Sorel 1964 Premium Wedge Booties

Jacket (on sale!): Lole Katie Jacket

Beanie: Pom Merino Wool Beanie



Have a great day loves♥

“If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.”

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