My favorite booties for the holidays!


Hello loves,

I’m back! I’ve been so busy with school and on top of that I was sick for a couple weeks but, I’m better now and excited to share some of my favorite booties for the holiday season with you guys! I love statement pieces for the holidays that aren’t too over the top (and you will never wear again) but, really just add something to your look and get you into the holiday spirit! These boots that I’m sharing with you guys are The Edit bootie from Steve Madden and they are my favorite. I think they are so worth the price, I can walk in them all day, the quality is outstanding, and I just love the way they fit, they hug my ankle perfectly! I purchased mine in this rich blue velvet color and the color is absolutely stunning. I am obsessed with these boots because they are not too dressy or casual and the heel is the perfect height, I can wear them casual with just a pair of jeans and a cute crewneck, or dress them up for a party! The Edit bootie comes in several other beautiful colors and additionally would be a great gift to give someone for christmas, I mean who doesn’t love colorful velvet booties!?!? Enjoy!



Mikayla ♥





IMG_4287 (1).jpg




The Edit Bootie


Direct link to the Edit Bootie


Have a wonderful week!!


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