Bohemian Dorm Room

Hello loves,

today I’m giving you guys a tour of my bohemian dorm room along with all the details! I hope you can gain some inspiration from this post and apply it to your own area whether it be your dorm room, apartment, home, ect.! I love decorating therefore, I wanted to share the fun I had with you guys!





The Look




Leather Wrap Necklace

(if you wear this hopefully your tan lines aren’t as bad as mine! haha)


My tips:

  1. When decorating small areas you do not need to use small things! This will just make the room feel smaller than it is!
  2. Personalization is key! Especially when you are living away from home you want to make your space feel like home for the time you are there!
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, it will give your room dimension and add visual interest! (If my mom reads this she will laugh at me because she always tells me I go overboard… this may be true! Sorry I can’t help myself!





Down Duvet

Circlet Ogee Quilt

Metallic Geo Sweater Knit Throw

Moroccan Shag Pillow

Moroccan Diamond Pillow

Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover

Sequin Bronze Pillow

Embroidered Oblong Pillow

Gold Wire Bin

OK LED sign

Exact watercolor world map: Marshalls Home Goods

Similar Watercolor World Map

Lip art: Painted by yours truly (:

Similar Lip Art

Ram Accent Lamp

Picture Frame: Marshalls Home Goods

Flameless Wax Pillar Candles

Elephant Wall Hooks: Meijer

Similar Elephant Wall Hooks




So most often when you are decorating spaces you have to use your creative mind and buy different pieces from different stores!! This can be hard though because how are you suppose to know if it’s going to match and what if doesn’t look right with what you purchased from the past store! Well to solve that problem here’s what I do…

  1. I pick a color palette and stay within that palette that I pick through all my stores I do shopping at!
  2. I do some of my shopping in stores and some online therefore, I create a visual board for myself!
  3. So whether you buy your things online, in store, or both, most often you can find the piece you are considering online! So what I do is I go to the websites of the different pieces I am considering and I screen shot each piece. Then I transfer those screenshots into a document where I can place them next to each other to get a better visual! To give you a better idea, below is my document for my visual board I created for my dorm room!










Serta Axis Convertible Storage Sofa

Similar Black Leather Square Ottoman

Plum & Bow Delilah Crochet Curtain

Wood Decorative Panels

Three Bin Wood Rack: Marshalls Home Goods

Similar Three Bin Storage

Side Table: Meijer

Similar Side Table

Moroccan Wedding Pouf – OUT OF STOCK

Similar Moroccan Wedding Pouf

Salma Moroccan Shag Pillow – OUT OF STOCK

Similar Moroccan Pillow

Macrame Throw Pillow

Plastic Serving Tray

Marble Pot with Green Artificial Plant

Barnet Bronze Serving Bowl

Jar Candle





Geometric Metal Three Cluster Pendant Lights

Throw Blanket: Marshalls Home Goods

Similar Throw Blanket

Small Fern in Ceramic Pot

Strike Gold Stapler

Strike Gold Tape Dispenser

Antique White Vine Frame


Have a great week loves!

“Do it with passion or not at all.”

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