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Hello loves,

today I’m talking about my college essentials and showing you guys one of my favorite easy, comfy, and casual looks because, lets be honest if I’m going to class I am going to be wearing my nikes, lululemon leggings, and a super basic t-shirt! However, I discovered this romper from Lululemon and I’m obsessed soooooooooooo, I wanted to share it with you guys! I have just maybe expanded my everyday (literally leggings every single day) college class look with this easy and comfy romper!! I hope you enjoy and find this helpful whether this is your first or third year of college!





IMG_7800 (1)IMG_7801 (1)IMG_7803 (1)IMG_7860IMG_7869IMG_7896



Getaway Romper

Sports Bra

Exact Nike Air Max Thea Premium

Similar Nike Air Max Thea Premium



For all my college babes… This will save you I promise!


For me this is critical, I don’t know what I’d do without it! That first week of school I accumulate about 5 different syllabuses and my stress level reaches 100. Therefore, my tip is I write every due date in every syllabus for each class for the entire semester in my agenda. Whether it is homework that is due, a paper, exam, or important event I write it down! In college sometimes homework is due on a Saturday, Sunday or even a Monday at 7am online and trust me I’ve been there many times where I remember 30 minutes before it’s due! Another tip I would suggest is beside my agenda I keep a weekly (not a monthly just one that is monday-sunday therefore, you don’t get overwhelmed!) dry erase board on my wall, next to my desk ,and every week I transfer what I have due that specific week from my agenda onto this weekly calendar. I promise this will save your life in college! It is just a extra reminder and is always visual because, sometimes on the weekends you forget to open your agenda!

Link to my agenda!

2.Dry Shampoo

Omg I can’t tell you how many times this has also saved my life in college! I don’t know about anyone else, but when I have an 8am I basically roll out of bed 10 minutes prior to when I have to leave! Have this in reach just to throw in your hair really quickly so people don’t judge you too hard! I mean when your up studying till 2am the last thing you wan’t to do is wash your hair at 2:30am or wake up any earlier than you need to in the morning… right!?

3.Makeup Wipes

To all my ladies out there you will feel me on this one. Whether your in a dorm or not, you probably have to at least take 10-20 steps to the nearest bathroom, am I right, and the last thing you want to do when your finally laying in bed at night exhausted is go to the bathroom to wash your makeup off! Now I can never remember to do this when I’m in the bathroom and I constantly contemplate getting up to go to the bathroom to wash off my makeup. I know this sounds pathetic but, I know I’m not the only one! So to solve this problem just stock up on a couple packs of makeup wipes at the beginning of the semester and keep them by your bed!!!!!! Problem solved!

4.Baseball Cap

Ok and if your hair is so bad one day that even throwing dry shampoo in is not even an option, then just toss on a baseball cap. I feel like this is apart of my “uniform” because when I’m going to class during the week the last thing I’m worried about is getting myself “ready”, and if my hair is that bad I’m not even going to stress about it… if it doesn’t want to cooperate just cover it up and show it who’s boss!


I like to think I live a life where background music is constantly playing… really though that would be awesome. Ok though, if you’re at  university you will understand that every single person you see has their headphones in. Like those 40 minute walks I have to class during a snowstorm suck and the only thing that gets me through them is my music!

6.Face Cleansing Tool

Experiencing what it’s like to live in the dorms my first year I can say I’ve learned that it is extremely dry and not the cleanliest and there’s not much you can do about it. And on top of that, with the stress you will experience you’re skin is probably going to hate you and you may experience breakouts, it happens! One thing that really helps me is a face cleansing tool that really cleans my skin and helps to get rid of all the bad stuff that may be sitting on top of it! I use the Foreo Luna and I love it because I can charge it for 30 minutes once and it will stay charged for 6 months. I tried the Clarisonic and I never could remember to charge it every night, nor did I want to continually spend $$$$ on a new head for it!

Link to Foreo Luna Face Cleanser!


This is pretty self explanatory but, I would suggest buy a pack of like 10 and put two in your backpack, two in your purse, two in your desk, two in your bathroom, and two by your bed and you’ve got all the grounds covered for when you need it!

8.Under Eye Concealer/Corrector

If this is your first year of college… warning you’re going to experience dark under eye circles/bags from all those late nights you’re going to be pulling studying during the week. This is not essential for when you’re going to classes but, if you want to maybe say you “tried” one day LOL you could use this! I would say you are going to need this for those nights you are “going out”and actually putting in some effort into your makeup… yeah you’ll want this product! My current favorite under eye corrector/concealer is the Erase Paste by Benefit, for me it really cancels out my dark circles!

Link to Benefit Erase Paste!

Have a great week loves!♥

“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.”

-Charles F. Kettering



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