Hello loves,

today I’m reviewing multiple products from Kylie Cosmetics that are all the rage lately. We all see the snapchats and instagram photos of all the swatches of these beautiful lip products. These lip products don’t really need and introduction, we are all familiar that they are basically taking over the liquid lipstick industry. So the question we all want to know is… are they worth the hype? I bought my Matte Liquid Lip Kits in the shades Koko K and Exposed. I also bought one of Kylie’s Metal Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Heir and one of her lip glosses in the shade So Cute. I purchased all of these products about 2-3 months ago therefore, I’ve had some time to properly put them to the test. Keep in mind that these are MY thoughts and how the products worked on myself. Something that doesn’t work on me may work out great for someone else and vice versa! So here are my thoughts…


Matte Liquid Lipsticks

…Honestly I would never purchase another one. Nothing against Kylie Jenner, I really just don’t like the product itself. I feel like they are extremely drying, and the last thing I want is for my lips to look dry. On myself the liquid lipstick shows every single line in my lip and it’s not attractive. When I first apply it, it applies very nice and light, I can’t really tell it’s on my lips until about 5 minutes passes. Whenever I wear these, I feel like I look 10 years older because thats how unflattering they make my lips look. I have even tried moisturizing my lips before applying these and it’s the same outcome, dry crusty old lips. Now don’t get me wrong the colors are beautiful but these liquid lipsticks just don’t work for me. On the other hand, the lip liners that come with the liquid lipsticks are amazing! I truly do like these lipliners, they are creamy, moisturizing, and go on like butter! If she sold the lip liners separate I would definitely purchase more of them!


Metal Liquid Lipstick

…Same dealio with this liquid lipstick. The shade is beautiful and really it is not a harsh metallic which I like. But, again I truly just can’t get on board with these liquid lipsticks. I see all these photos that take over Instagram and Snapchat of her liquid lipsticks on many different people and they always look beautiful in the photo! I wan’t to like them but I just can’t. They are not for me and again, my goal is to make myself look youthful and glowly not older and crusty.



…So this lipgloss is just ok. I personally don’t like how thick it is and for me it’s just not glossy enough. I like a glossy lip gloss and this one seems a little bit on the dull side. These lip glosses however, are not tacky nor sticky which is very nice. I don’t hate this lipgloss but I don’t love it either. I would much rather reach for my Buxom or Marc Jacobs glosses whose formulas are much better for me!


From Left to Right: So Cute Gloss, Heir, Exposed, Koko K



Again I haven’t tried all of her lip products and just because they didn’t work on my doesn’t mean they won’t work for others! I love Kylie Jenner and think she’s a great fashion and beauty icon. I’ve had these products for months and I feel like we are almost brainwashed to love these products because they are by Kylie Jenner. I have so many other lip products that work 100x better on myself and are about the same price. Sorry guys, maybe I’m the first one who doesn’t like these lip products but, I just can’t get on board. Like I said they are beautiful in all the Instagram pictures I see and they do serve as a great decoration in the box in my room! For real though, her packaging is on point! I will say that I am excited to try her new eyeshadow palette, I’ve heard good things… I’ll keep you updated!!





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